The next chapter..

Nearing the end of my degree (I finish in February!), I realised I needed to get my name out there if I wanted to get a job. So, back in September, I sent out my resume to every company that I could think of.  After at least 20 rejection letters, and even one phone call to personally tell me that even if they did have a vacant position they still wouldn’t hire me because I’m ONLY a graduate, I have found a job!

Doing what you ask?  I’m working in the Marketing Department at FK Gardner and Sons Group (FKG), a Toowoomba construction company, and I have to say I’m pretty excited. This is the kind of job I had been looking for. I get to wear fancy corporate clothes and heels, work in a nice air-conditioned office and help plan events like the work Christmas Party (my first job was to order $3000 worth of alcohol!).

Oh, and on top of that, I get a work phone, laptop, a company credit card for wining and dining our clients, and when I need, a company car to drive around.

“Not bad for a  graduate right!?”

Here’s the catch, I’m only doing this two days a week. The other three days I have a second role as a Community Liaison Officer working on the Gore Highway Reconstruction Project.  It’s a mouthful I know, but basically it means I have to keep the public updated on what we are doing and if there are any complaints, I get to deal with them. This role is completely different from my Marketing one…

Lets just say wearing a men’s, fluoro yellow, high-visibility shirt, steel capped boots and a hard hat, and working in a donga on the side of the highway with a bunch of male engineers is certainly not what I had in mind. But you know what? I’m actually enjoying it and my team has been fantastic with helping me understand all of the construction terms like Geotechnical Investigation (basically digging a bunch of holes).

Alita Cause Blog 1

It can sometimes be hard keeping track of everything when I’m running back and forth between two different jobs but if there is one thing that I learnt from Uni, internships and being an Resident Advisor (RA) for McGregor College, it’s how to juggle!

As if starting a new job wasn’t enough of a change, I’ve also moved off college now into an amazing 3 bedroom unit with a couple of friends from McGregor College. I have to say, it is so nice having my own lounge room and kitchen and being able to cook what I want, when I want it.  Of course my favourite part of our house is my MASSIVE walk-in-robe!

It’s different living with just two people rather than an entire college. Breakfast is really lonely now since we all have different work schedules, but we always try and have a “family” room-mate dinner together.

Family dinner night!

When I finished my position as RA in December, handed in my master key and left behind my empty college room, I felt a wave of sadness wash over me. For the past three years, it had been my home and my family.

“Every year I have watched friends graduate and move on but I never stopped to think that one day it would be my turn.”

I’m excited to test out my domestic skills, but one thing I know I will miss is the convenience of coming home from work and uni knowing you don’t have to cook or knowing that someone else will be cleaning your bathroom and washing your sheets. Of course there are some things I won’t miss too, like being on RA Duty and getting 3am wake up calls from someone who has locked themselves out of their room.

Looking back at when I first came to McGregor College, I can safely say I am not the same little princess who showed up, never having done laundry a day in her life, and had to call mum three times just to work out how to make the washing machine start. The confidence I have gained and the friends I have made will stay with me as I venture off into the next chapter of my life.

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About Alita

Hi, my name is Alita, but you may know me as half-a-litre, 1000 millilitres or most recently pint. Basically any sort of measurement you can think of I have probably heard before. I am now nearing the end of my degree with just one more course to go after this semester. I am a full-time on campus student studying a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in journalism and public relations. For nearly the past three years I have lived on McGregor College, land of the devils and my home away from home. Having moved here from warm and sunny Bundaberg, it was a bit of a shock when I first arrived in Toowoomba, known for its rather chilly and temperamental weather. I had never really been away from home before so I was really worried about leaving behind the comfort of mum’s care (and cooking!) and moving into a residential college, but I can safely say it was the best decision I have ever made. McGregor has become my home and my family and I am proud to call myself a McGregor devil. There are always friends close by to lend an ear to listen, share a laugh with or to provide you with words of wisdom. On any given night you can also be sure to find a group of people studying hard and helping each other out with assignments in the dinning hall. The other great thing about living on college is that there is always some sort of exciting event going on, like our inter-college Residential Shield competition or Funday Sunday, where we break out the pools and water slide and just relax. This year, I am a Resident Advisor at McGregor. That basically means I help look out for all residents and if you are blasting your music loudly at 3am, you can probably expect a visit from me…. When I’m not hidden away in my room studying, you can find my down at Grand Central shopping up a storm, getting my slurpee fix from 7/11, chilling in the Japanese Gardens reading a book or daydreaming about my next holiday destination. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and learning a little bit more about what life on college has to offer. Alita

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