Checking out for Christmas

“If there were a prize for the most depressing day of the college year, I would award it to check out day in November.”

Check in day, on the other hand, is the opposite; exciting day full of promise!

You see all the friends you left behind four months ago, hear the holiday stories, and scrutinise the years ‘freshers’ (first year students) with a fine tooth-comb, to determine who might be living with you for the year. The best part is the ‘Little Head Voice’ (or LHV) is saying “Oh Goodie, this year is going to be great!” The LHV doesn’t even consider going home.

Then, as life inevitably does, it gets busy. Thus leaving the LHV to scream at you in moments of respite “Why on earth didn’t you start that assignment earlier! Its due in two hours; get cracking!”

Before you know what hit you, its time for mid-semester break. When the LHV calms down and starts nattering on about all the fun things to do. Then, the process is rinsed and repeated and with hardly more than a shocked look, the year is over. Bringing us once again, with dragging feet, to the Christmas holidays, and check out day.

Check Out Day 

Ah..that day, when many people who you’ve come to love and admire insist on graduating, and leave your life to enjoy and fulfill their own.

With them, they take the wonderful memories of years happily spent in the presence of like-minded people, leaving you to stare at the photos and reminisce while watching old block videos. At this point, the LHV quietly reminds you that one day, it will be your turn and you will then have to leave the safety of College to enter the big wide world and make it a better place for having been in it.

But as all mourning periods eventually do, it ends… allowing you to enjoy the four long (maybe too long) months of holiday between semesters, and look forward to seeing some of your friends again soon.

Many people work over the break, I certainly do.

The aforementioned sinking feeling of the approaching holidays. is matched almost perfectly by the sinking levels of my bank account.

Laura Mills Blog 1

Whilst the country burns in this super heat wave, I while away my time in the cool hideaway of a travel health clinic – playing vampire in a way that even Bram Stoker would be proud of, and giving advice to people spending their Christmas visiting remote and far more exciting places than Brisbane.  Just today, my customers (girls my own age) were finalising their travel to Egypt, South Africa, England, Scotland and the Greek Isles for three months with friends…jobs can be depressing!

Choose what you will for the remainder of the summer break..

Laura Mills Blog 1

..hoping it will end soon..

and bring the exciting promise of another exciting year on College!

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About Laura

I was born in the hustle and bustle of Brisbane, mid winter, some 19 years ago. Since that day, I've had the pleasure of a pretty enjoyable life. I've done a fair bit of travelling, and no-where near enough snow skiing as I would like. My name is Laura, and despite my intense desire for a nickname since grade 8, I have always been known as such. As you may have guessed, I spent my youth in Brisbane. When I graduated school, I wanted a change, and so I left the comforts of home and headed into the perceived wilderness of a rural setting. Of course, when I arrived I realized it was nothing like what my friends had made me believe. However, I was just about the only Brisbanite living in my college so it made for a vast change in conversation topics. As I alluded to earlier, I am a passionate skier. A good skier however, well, that can be debated. I’m rather uncoordinated, much to my eternal disgrace. I enjoy bushwalking, and reading and very occasionally, cooking – so long as its something sweet and I can lick the spoons. At University, I study Nursing full-time, and am nearly finished my second year of the three-year course. I hope you like my rambles of college life, and perhaps I will see you around.

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