the perfect college room-mate

To anyone who is reading this,  ALOHA!

However your eyes may have got to be feasting upon this blog is irrelevant, lets all just be happy that they have!

My favourite time of the whole year has already passed again..when the shops reach full capacity, houses light up, carols play wherever you go, and people are more generous then they have been all year.

Christmas has come and gone, with it, another College year has come to a close, and whilst I do miss the socialism, meals being cooked for me, and seeing my friends everyday, I am enjoying some peace and quiet during this holiday period. College is very much a come and go sort of place. Some people stay for 6 months, some even 6 years. Residents graduate, or move off for any other reason, and its always sad to see someone go.  My roommate for 2012 graduated and has now moved off to live in Perth for her employment. Her name was Courtney, and I already miss her.

Nicky Mitchell Blog1

Me & Courtney @ Concannon Formal

Living next to someone, and seeing them everyday, you start to know them inside out. We have shared many memories in B11/B12, and I wouldn’t give any of them up for the world. Where it be late night trips to McDonalds, or watching Disney movies together, we always managed to entertain ourselves. Whilst I resent her slightly for leaving me without a room-mate for next year, I am very proud, and excited for what lays ahead of her.

Keeping with this thought, what should be considered the Perfect’ college roommate?

Firstly, lets define perfect as an adjective:

“Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be”

For myself personally, this is what I look for in an excellent roommate





 Not too noisy




 Talkative (because I like chatting)

 Good listener (for when I am rambling)

For someone to be classified as the ideal roommate, they would most definitely need to fulfil the above criteria.  With a balance between socialism and study sometimes being a challenge to find at college, with the help of a good room-mate, it can be easily attainable.

As a first year in 2011, I had a returnee room-mate, and it really helped me adapt to Concannon College life.  So I sort of hope I have a fresher (first year) this year, so that I can teach them everything I know to make the best of the College experience.  As 2013 is my final year, I also need someone to carry on my legacy. Concannon College is very tradition based, and previous residents who had a big influence on College are never forgotten.  Its all about acquired knowledge,

‘The freshers bring it, the returnees leave it here’.

Who knows, maybe one day years from now people will talk about me at College over dinner, just like I talk with my friends about past residents who’ve left a legacy. I wonder what they would say…..

Nicky Mitchell Blog 1

Until next time,


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About Nicky

My name is Nicole Mitchell, however you can call me Nicky. I am your far from average 19 year old female uni student studying at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba. I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Laws, and am about to commence my 3rd year in 2013. I am lucky to have been born with the gift of the gab. I have lived on campus at Concannon College for the past 2 years and I couldn’t imagine spending my days as a student any other way. I have met people from all different backgrounds and avenues of life, and made memories that will last me a lifetime. I am from what from the country folk call “the big smoke’, also known as Brisbane City. Before I moved to Toowoomba the busy city lifestyle was all I’d ever known. People often call me crazy, and ask why I chose USQ, and I tell them all the same story (This will come later, you will have to keep reading my blogs to find out). It was spontaneous, however the say the best things in life aren’t planned don’t they? Its always awkward to write about yourself, but for you, I will do my best. If one of my friends was asked to describe me I think(and hope) words that would come up would be happy, talkative, humorous, nice and most of all, FUN! I don’t do boring. I believe that life is short, so live for the moment and enjoy yourself. Well there you have it, the 411 on yours truly. Thankyou very much for taking the time to read it and watch this space. Keep smiling! Nicky

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