Christmas Day as a student

The morning starts like every other. One wakes, yawns, and a quick thought flashes across the frontal lobe;

“Gosh, I want to go back to sleep.”

Then the rest of the brain kicks in with an uncustomary speed, usually only attainable with at least one of cup coffee.

It’s Christmas.

Laura Mills Blog 2

Depending on your age, this may mean different things. For example between 2-16 years of age it means Presents. For 17-27 year olds it’s a cross between Presents and Party Time! 28 and above its one of several things

“Oh bugger its my turn to cook,”

“Do I really have to spend all day with them?”


“Gosh I want to see what they think of their presents,”

There are variations of course. Not everyone adheres to those guidelines. Take myself for example, my thoughts upon waking in the early hours of Christmas day bounce around incoherently until they hit a wall, fall on their arse, sit up and look around feeling rather bemused until they finally stumble upon,

“Oh Damn, there goes the diet,”

As a student however, Christmas comes with an additional sense of foreboding. Any money one may have had left after their bank account was sucked for cash, until they were as dry as a Twilight novel, immediately has the last drops drained to buy Xmas presents for family and friends.

However, despite the lack of funds, the age differences between members, and the new addition to the iPhone as an integral part of the family from which each member must not be parted, Christmas celebrations in the Mills household are jovial affairs. The aunts and uncles arrive, each party bringing at least a kilogram of prawns so that by the end we easily have 5 kilos of the nasty little bugs (My sister and I don’t like them, we stick to chicken shiskebabs). The cousins arrive, bringing bottles of wine, beer, and iceblocks. Someone in the mix has brought a tray of mangos, which will be lucky if it sees the sunset. I don’t know much of how other families do it, but for us, it’s a seething mass of talking, eating, drinking, swimming and general frivolity that even the Romans would be proud of.

Laura Mills Blog 2

And luckily for me, someone else is paying.

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About Laura

I was born in the hustle and bustle of Brisbane, mid winter, some 19 years ago. Since that day, I've had the pleasure of a pretty enjoyable life. I've done a fair bit of travelling, and no-where near enough snow skiing as I would like. My name is Laura, and despite my intense desire for a nickname since grade 8, I have always been known as such. As you may have guessed, I spent my youth in Brisbane. When I graduated school, I wanted a change, and so I left the comforts of home and headed into the perceived wilderness of a rural setting. Of course, when I arrived I realized it was nothing like what my friends had made me believe. However, I was just about the only Brisbanite living in my college so it made for a vast change in conversation topics. As I alluded to earlier, I am a passionate skier. A good skier however, well, that can be debated. I’m rather uncoordinated, much to my eternal disgrace. I enjoy bushwalking, and reading and very occasionally, cooking – so long as its something sweet and I can lick the spoons. At University, I study Nursing full-time, and am nearly finished my second year of the three-year course. I hope you like my rambles of college life, and perhaps I will see you around.

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