Pets and College

Unfortunately, there is a rule on college that states that the only pets one might be allowed to keep are Hermit Crabs or Fish.

Neither of which are particularly exciting creatures, since they pretty much keep to themselves all day, everyday for the entirety of their existence unless they have a fellow fish or hermit crab to keep them company.

Therefore, I feel duty bound to inform you that if you are under the impression that moving onto college is in anyway like moving to Hogwarts – you are sadly misinformed. There are no Hedwigs’, or Scabbers’ not even a Crookshanks’.

Personally, I’m a dog lover. Look at our adorable Jack Russell; Whiskey. In the first picture he’s curled in with some bluey’s in the car (yes, bluey’s is the technical term) and the second picture is of me giving him a cuddle after a bath but putting my own pet to the side for the moment. Much to the grief of all, no pets are allowed on college.


Given their propensity towards larger and smellier bowel motions (Sorry folks, but it’s true) it’s somewhat understandable. No cleaner wants to come to work and find smelly little presents everywhere.  It just isn’t pretty.

Surprisingly, one manages to survive fairly well without the constant exposure to adorable furry little creatures. Sometimes though, one wanders into college of its own accord. Recently an orange fluff-ball was wandering around, it was a very sweet, although apparently some might disagree, stray cat. It was duly picked up a cat-loving youth who worshipped them on the Internet everyday – after all, who doesn’t love a bit of Tardar the Grumpy Cat? – after everyone had a turn at ‘ooohing’ at it, it was taken to the vet to get micro chipped and taken to a shelter.

Moments like these are rare on college, but they remind one that having a sweet little creature in your life that is dependant upon you for it’s survival and will, in most cases, love you unconditionally if given the chance, is a very enjoyable thing.

Well, I’ve nattered on about pets for long enough at the moment,


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About Laura

I was born in the hustle and bustle of Brisbane, mid winter, some 19 years ago. Since that day, I've had the pleasure of a pretty enjoyable life. I've done a fair bit of travelling, and no-where near enough snow skiing as I would like. My name is Laura, and despite my intense desire for a nickname since grade 8, I have always been known as such. As you may have guessed, I spent my youth in Brisbane. When I graduated school, I wanted a change, and so I left the comforts of home and headed into the perceived wilderness of a rural setting. Of course, when I arrived I realized it was nothing like what my friends had made me believe. However, I was just about the only Brisbanite living in my college so it made for a vast change in conversation topics. As I alluded to earlier, I am a passionate skier. A good skier however, well, that can be debated. I’m rather uncoordinated, much to my eternal disgrace. I enjoy bushwalking, and reading and very occasionally, cooking – so long as its something sweet and I can lick the spoons. At University, I study Nursing full-time, and am nearly finished my second year of the three-year course. I hope you like my rambles of college life, and perhaps I will see you around.

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