Res Colleges Ski Trip

As Semester 1 passes us yet again, I realize again just how quick time goes. The last 6 months had included the infamous O-Week, College dinners and semi-formals, university events, charity committee, work, and I guess you could say study. As well as all this, I was also lucky enough that I was able to go on the Residential Colleges Ski Trip of 2013.

And what a week it was!

I can say with great confidence that it was one of the best experiences of my life. I mean, there aren’t many opportunities to go overseas with 20 friends that are all your own age. With a mixture of residents from all 3 colleges, under the direction of the fearless leader Katharine Bigby, it was certainly a recipe for success.


We all made our way to the tourist capital of Queenstown after a gruesome 3 hour plane ride, and 4 hour bus trip. There weren’t too many hiccups however, it was bloody cold I will tell you that. We stayed at Reavers Lodge for the week, which is extremely inconveniently located on top of a massive hill and has a driveway with a very steep incline. Let’s just say we were getting taxi’s home by the end of the week we were that sick of walking up it.

Some of the best parts (which I believe are the most noteworthy) of this week were…

Drum Roll please…

The Nevis Swing


See the little black thing there? THAT’S ME! Well… I lie. It’s not ACTUALLY me. But it WAS me. To be honest I don’t know who that is, but you can’t see them so I am sure they won’t mind us using the picture.

The Nevis Swing is not only the biggest Queenstown Swing my friends, it is not merely the largest New Zealand Swing. This is biggest swing in the whole world!

After being lifted out above the launch deck, suspended 160 metres above the canyon floor, you’re suddenly released and find yourself rushing towards the other side of the valley at 150kph, eyes wide open in disbelief or shut tight in fear. Me personally, I screamed the entire way. But it was so worth it!

There were a fair few of us residents that went on the swing that Thursday morning, and I hope they were all as scared as me. I purchased a video of it, however haven’t been able to download it yet. Maybe I will upload it soon. .

My favourite day of the week would have to be the Queenstown sightseeing/experience day. It started with an all-day breakfast (It’s not over then and there!), and a ride on a Gondola which had awesome views of all of Queenstown. You could see EVERYTHING. I’m not really one for taking photos, so I can’t share any with you. We then went to an all you can eat buffet, which had THE best food. After eating way too much, we went on to the best part, the luge ride. You jump on your specialized luge cart, select which track you want to go on, and then zoom down it! We got to have 2 turns, and of course it turned competitive. It became so hectic that someone rolled their cart!

I suppose there was some skiing involved lol. We went to both ‘Coronet Peak’ and ‘The Remarkables’. I wasn’t the best at skiing but feel I was competent enough to make the judgment that I liked the Remarkables better. They had better food! We had people of all skill levels, some who had never skied before, and even a few that didn’t have to use poles, they were that good (crazy!). It was good being in such a big group because if you were on a slope, or on a chairlift and you saw someone stack it, there was a high possibility it was someone that you knew.

So there you have it, my two cents about Res Colleges Ski Trip 2013. As it was the first (hopefully of many) trips, I believe it passed all the tests. I would certainly recommend it to all residents!


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