The Final Countdown

The countdown begins. Only one month until college formals begin, two and a half months until mid-semester break and then four months until I finish my degree. Then it will all be over. No more uni. No more college.

A lot has changed since I made the big leap to move out of home to a different town in order to create something of my own. And you know what? It paid off. I have spent the last three years living with some of the best, and sometimes the worst people I have met. In the process I have learnt a lot about myself as well. I think it’s only fitting that I share some of the major experiences I have had since living on college and some things you should probably know before taking this massive step.

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Experience #1

Working two jobs while studying full-time and living on college is difficult, yes, but not impossible.

Having been fortunate enough to get a transfer with my Christmas casual job and stay on as a casual retail person, I was also lucky enough to land a role as the first digital intern for Residential Colleges – a role exclusive to college kids. Yay! Not only will this job look awesome on my resume but also made me learn a few things about what I want to do with my future career. It’s a massive opportunity to develop myself and learn what I really want.

In saying this, it’s not always easy. There are those nights when it feels like the whole college is out having fun except for me. Just remember, you will feel better off the next day at work and you will also save your money. But do remember to have a break sometime, or you will probably crash at the worst time.


Experience #2

Do not eat ice cream out of a cone at the dinner table, or sit next to someone eating an ice cream cone.

There is such thing as ‘coning’. It’s not fun when it happens to you because BAM! There goes your ice cream. It’s also not fun when it happens to the person next to you because BAM! There goes your clean shirt. If you want to eat at the table I suggest getting a bowl or even styrofoam cup. Otherwise take the ice cream cone and leg it! Bowls and cups also allow you to add toppings.


Experience #3

You may have close friends at other colleges but as soon as Res Shield starts, it’s war.

As soon as you put on your red, green or blue, it’s game on. You’re fighting for the shield and you’re either with your college or against it. When you’re standing on the field or on the stage ready to perform, there’s no right or wrong so long as you give it everything you have and you’re not fraternising with the enemy.


While everyone will have their own experience of college, I hope these tips and tricks will inspire you to share your own story.

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About Meg - USQ Student Blogger

Hi, my name is Meg or Megan if you really want to get my attention. I am now halfway through my degree as a full-time on-campus residential student at USQ Toowoomba. When I say full-time, I mean I live on college as well. I have been studying a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in journalism and public relations. This degree allows me to study something I love – talking, and explore possible career opportunities, which is great because I’m still figuring out what I want to do. Last year I hopped on a plane from sunny Townsville, escaping my two annoying brothers, for breezy Toowoomba. Moving to a new town where I didn’t know anyone, living on-campus was the obvious choice, and it was the best decision I could have made. While juggling the social-expectations and academics demands of uni and college life can sometimes be a handful, I wouldn’t trade it for anything! It’s easy for me to spend time with my friends while living on-campus. There are always fun activities to partake in such as the Residential Shield competitions between colleges or dress-up themes at the uni club. During these activities you can usually find me behind a camera snapping away. In-between telling the B Block boys to turn their music down and baking cupcakes, I love watching crime shows, especially ones with hunky main characters! I do however, need to exercise to make sure the cupcakes don’t make a lasting impression – thank goodness for friends to exercise with. While I am passionate about music, being woken up at 3am by someone’s bass does test my love. I’m sure as the semester goes on you’ll learn more about who I am and the crazy adventures that take place both at uni and on college. I hope you enjoy! Meg

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