A Guide to the New Zealand Ski Trip

Hey it’s been a little while since I posted something so this post is about my recent Ski trip to New Zealand.


The Residential Colleges was offering a holiday opportunity to Queenstown in New Zealand. For those who may be unfamiliar with Queenstown is known as being a party town all season round. So, I was looking forward to it. Our ski goals were the Remarkable and Coronet Peak which was exciting being an absolute rookie to snow let alone skiing. I was looking forward to it until with a month before the trip I suffered a fractured leg, and just like the story of my life, it was too late to pull out or obtain a refund. So, this blog is 

about how I made the best of a ski trip where I didn’t really go skiing. Nevertheless there were some highlights which I will elaborate on.  


Nevis Bungy Jump and swing:
Nevis Bungy jump was located half an hour drive from Queenstown and is known for being the highest Bungy jump in Australasia at roughly 134 meter above the ground. The Nevis Swing is also the highest swing in the world.

Now, I know for most people it’s just about jumping and saying they did it however with me in this situation it’s all about choosing the craziest option to get the most out of it. So for this Bungy jump it was jumping backwards and upside down so your pretty much seeing the ground coming right at you,  doing this made it a little more memorable and that little bit more scary. Love it.

Don’t let me fool you though, I may like to try the scarier and different option but that doesn’t take away the fear. Despite what the photo below might suggest it was pretty terrifying. However like most guys when we’re being watched by women we’re surprisingly good at keeping a straight face. Anyway, in the end jumping was a great adrenaline kicker for the day and something I recommend for everyone once in their life.

Nevis Bundy Jump-2 

Queenstown Fear Factor: 
This was a pretty cool experience. This place was a maze of dark hallways where your objection was to find the exit in a pitch black surroundings with only red lights to guide you. Of course the whole time you have scary staff dressed up in Halloween costume jumping at you grabbing your legs and arms with the intention of freaking you out. So, four friends and I decided to give it a go, the whole time wondering whether our Residential Life Manager, Katharine would get scared and take the chicken-way out.

To elaborate on the chicken-way out the place has a fail-safe method for those wishing to exit the maze immediately if they no longer wanted to continue. Apparently the staff believed this had happened for over 4500 people so seeing Katherine on the picture below I’m surprised she did’’t take this option (she the second last person from the right on the picture below)


As you can see from our faces there were some pretty scary stuff in this place that got even me, but as freaked out as I got it was enjoyable. I think there’s something about being with friends on this that even though you’re little scared, you’re still enjoying the moment. So yes, I do look kinder pathetic in this photo but I will point out that I was at the front with all the scary staff freaking me out so again I’m not acting cool but I’m doing a lot better than my other friends ok so don’t judge me.

Ice Hockey Game at Queenstown Ice Arena (Southern Stampede):
This game was intense. I’ve seen ice hockey game before on TV, so when our College Manager said we were going, I thought I knew what to expect. Apparently not! Watching a final match against two international level teams was intense.

This match was a game against two experienced teams, the Southern Stamped and the Swans each team had players from around the world, not to mention a lot of hostility after facing each other last year in the finals. The only problem was that the my group didn’t know who to cheer for, which was soon resolved when we discovered team Southern Stampede was made up of a lot of Australian hockey players, so it was then a no-brainer to decide.

Throughout the game these players flew like the ice was their element, committing to fast dash to the goal, performing sharp turns to avoid potentially take out hits from the opposition players and some locking their feet in to the ice if the moment required them to hold a player against the wall.

For those unfamiliar with ice hockey yes it’s a high contact sport and despite player regularly taking nasty hits from their opponents, ice hockey players need to accept that it’s just a part of the game and keep emotion in check. Naturally, this is easier said than done. This particular hockey game had a player skating to the other side of the field in order to retaliate after an unnecessary comment was made. Although, for me seeing that was kind of cool, ultimately I was there for some honest hockey play. Watching these guys fly across the field with ease and possessing the termination to win made this game a highlight of the trip.  

State of Origin:
Can’t say I’m a big fan of watching state of Origin matches but watching it in a foreign bar really set the mood for me. Queenstown Sport Bar had every sport playing on television that you can think of, there must have been at least 100 televisions playing at once scattered around the bar. But for this particular night they realized due to the large number of Aussies, including our college group, it was beneficial for them to have all of these televisions on one game, the State of Origin!, because of this, everywhere you looked Origin was in your view so you never missed a moment. There it was really something about being in a foreign country watching the origin with other Australians that really got me worked up for the game.

For those who remember the second Sate of Origin game for 2013 it was an absolute annihilation and the Blues were defeated. At the end of the match the atmosphere was still there because everyone wanted to talk about the game making it so easy to talk with complete strangers about how much New South Wales sucked. 


So that is pretty much my New Zealand Ski trip in a short summary but I hope it gives you an idea of college trips and about me. I put a few more photos at the bottom showing other parts of my trip so enjoy.

Nevis Bundy Jump



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2 thoughts on “A Guide to the New Zealand Ski Trip

  1. Great information! I’m leaving for New Zealand in January for three months and can’t wait to try all these things. Especially the bungee jump;)

  2. Hi Maureen, thank you for your comment. I’m glad you found this information useful, it was certainly a great experience. I hope you enjoy New Zealand as much as I did.

    – Joseph

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