My experience at McGregor Summer School

USQ McGregor Summer School has just recently concluded (8 – 18 January 2014) and for those who consider themselves an ‘arty’, creative or musical and have never previously attended, I would highly recommend getting involved in the future 2014 McGregor Schools – Winter and Spring respectively.

Even though I was unable to attend 2014 Summer School.  As a 2012/2013 Residential College’s student, I was fortunate enough to receive the Residential Colleges/McGregor Summer School Scholarship last year and attended the 2013 McGregor Summer School and completed the workshop ‘Manga Magic’.

So what happens?! 

It’s a ten day intensive learning experience within the areas of Performing, Visual or Creative Arts and Manga Magic (corny name, but the class was pretty cool!) was an introductory course to drawing Japanese comic drawing – Manga Graphic Novel

Our teacher was David Lovegrove a professional artist, author, designer, speaker and has a passion (and talent!) for drawing and creating Japanese Manga (comics).  David’s additional interests also include Anime, Japanese language, culture and film – from this, I knew we’d instantly click!

Over the ten days we covered an extensive amount of artistic territory which included:

• Drawing expression using a composed of movement with the eyebrows, eye and mouth
• Introduction in drawing perspective in a manner that allowed the drawer to tilt objects without causing them to distorted or incorrect
•Finally, a lesson in drawing the human body – firstly, by using geometric shapes to act as a guide when drawing the human body curves and then progressing to gaining drawing  inspiration from live art models!

Anyway, I couldn’t speak more highly of David Lovegrove.  For those who have a passion for comic art and Manga, please check out his website, in particular, the art galleries for some amazing stuff.

So my intensive fortnight workshop lead to my first ever Manga story creation which is displayed below.  It’s called ‘Fire & Ice’ and the story is about two brothers who are seeking to reunite with their father (reason is unknown).  One brother uses a honourable approach by using the police whereas the other sibling uses quite the opposite approach and is quite aggressive by using underground methods and connections to find out information relating to his father’s location.

Anyways, enjoy!

‘Fire & Ice’

Fire & Ice - 1 Fire & Ice - 2 Fire & Ice -3

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About Joseph

Hi, my name is Joseph Mcduff. I’m a university student finishing my final year of full time study of my Bachelor of Spatial Science (Surveying) in Toowoomba. This is my last year at university and currently super keen to hit the work force next year. Though, more than likely, I will begin to miss university and college life when I’m actually working. I like to think I’m a pretty easy going guy who love keeping people on their toes and keeping things fresh and interesting Over my studying career in Toowoomba I have met some pretty amazing friends so I try to spend as much time as I can with them and also my family. Currently my hobbies involve organizing exciting college events as President of the RSC (Residential Social Committee), watching Game of Thrones, my favorite character is Tywin, and studying Japanese – I have a good friend who helps me with my Japanese pronunciation. I am passionate about trying new things like Latin dancing and it turns out I wasn’t too bad at it either. I love my comics even at the age of 25 I still enjoy Tony stark playboy approach, Thor’s moral and epic quotes and how Spiderman just can’t seem to catch a break. I have a celebrity crush on Zooey Deschanel, and a fictional crush on Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones. Whilst this only briefly begins to explain who I am, I’m sure you’ll definitely find out more about myself, my studies and social life as semester progresses. Hope you enjoy reading about my adventures throughout the semester. Joseph

One thought on “My experience at McGregor Summer School

  1. Hi Joe! Just found your post about our manga 10 days, thanks for the positive write upnd it was a buzz to have a super keen student like you mate! You are a good bloke as well 🙂
    Check out my youtube channel David Lovegrove Art, I have done a couple of ads for Qantas using that double handed technique I showed you guys. Am on Facebook under that name as well and my blog is still
    Stay in touch buddy, Cheers and best of luck

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