No fear honours year!

“Can you explain your honours project again?”

“I know it sounds like I’m building a death ray, but my project is looking at developing a vaccine against the bacteria that causes Strep throat”

This year I’ve decided to jump right back into study through an Honours year.  Not because my goal is to become a professional student, but rather to make myself more employable through practical skills.  Are you thinking about undertaking Honours?  It’s a yearlong project you can do through the help of a supervisor.  Some tips from my year thus far:

  • Pick the project you hate the least
  • Apparently your title does not become ‘The honourable’ when you graduate. You also don’t become a doctor. You do, however, become more knowledgeable. Knowledge is power, power is money and money is more Nutella.
  • Wear long pants and leather shoes to comply with Lab workplace health and safety regulations. Not leather pants and long shoes.
  • You are allocated a study space depending upon your project and supervisor. This is my sweet corner of studiousness in Q Block:

Q Block Study Space

  • Depending upon your project, field trips could be a compulsory fun part of your research. Here’s a picture of a koala taken by the adventurous Lucy Galea and Jemima Wixted while out on a sample hunt.

Field Trip Koala

  • They test the safety showers once a week


  • Horsing around is a good idea.

Horsing Around

  • Ignoring your project is a bad idea.

  • Back up everything. Everyday. Fifty times.

  • Reading takes up more time than I expected. A great way to get through bulk text fast is to chuck it into a website called Spreeder <>
  • It helps you read faster by taking away the task of moving your eye across the page. It also makes me want to fall asleep less because it just shoots words at your face.
  • Long hours staring at a computer can be draining. F.lux <> is a sweet program to reduce the brightness levels of your screen depending on what time of the day it is. For late night work, it’s like hot chocolate, but for your eyes.   All the Steele Rudd kids are doing it, why aren’t you?

Most of all, don’t forget to give yourself breaks and have some fun!

At Steele Rudd, B Blockers are no strangers to fun.  In fact, when too much fun is present in high concentrations, it is known to break physics. Here is a documentary about this effect:

Feel free to have a chat with me in the below comments if you want to know some of the details about the honours year!  All the best with exams, and stay awesome!

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