7 Cool Places around USQ You Might Not Know Exist

So you study at USQ, but how well do you know USQ?  We tend to stick to our respective departments and don’t often go and have a look at what’s around.  It’s okay though, because that’s what I’ve done for you!

1.  The new research labs:  Where myself and a few others have been undertaking our Honours year.  These great new facilities were officially opened by the Chief Scientist himself, Prof. Ian Chubb.


2.  The Arts Theatre:  If you haven’t been in there to check out a performance yourself, I highly recommend it!  A great performance that’s on this week is “Love Me Tinder”.  Can personally recommend, 10/10 performance!  Check it out here: http://bit.ly/1tWSAfF.  Last performances are this weekend on the 14th and 15th of November, get keen!


3.  Voice Editing Studio in Y Block:  Thanks to Jason Myatt for the tour!  Acting student Joe Treloar was recording his glorious voice in the below .gif.


4.  A Block Courtyard: A secluded, sunny place to have lunch and meet some arts students.


5.  The Vice Chancellor’s Board Room:  Notice the newly acquired artwork titled ‘The impact of colonisation’ by Jennifer Wright recognising indigenous culture.


6.  The S Block Level 5 Council Chambers:  For the Toowoomba G20 (just kidding).


7. C Block Resarch Office:  Where all the ‘work’ gets done.


Tune in next time for more potentially undiscovered USQ!

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