European Adventures

Do you want to know what I think the best part about finishing Uni and getting a job was – finally having $$$. Not just that but also having time. Sure, I have to work during the day but once that clock hits 5pm I walk away and don’t think about work until I sit down at my desk again the next day.

For me, that time and money means holidays! Not just a weekend you get every now and then between assignment due dates in Uni, or the mid semester break that’s over before it even starts. I am talking about a pack your bags, we are off to see the world, who knows when we will be back kind of holiday.

For 18months I worked and saved, all building up to the dream holiday – several months backpacking around Europe. This was always my motivation for graduating, knowing I would finally have the time I needed to see the world. I set off in July, starting with a Contiki camping tour to get myself orientated before venturing off on my own to explore.

Contiki Map

I had the most incredible time abroad, meeting weird and wonderful people and making memories to last a lifetime. I’ve see the Eiffel Tower,

Eiffel Tower

the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


I went parasailing and scuba diving in the Greek Islands,


climbed to the highest peak in Europe in the Swiss Alps,

Swiss Alps

danced on tabletops in Spain (sangria in hand), explored castles and ruins in Slovakia and partied in underground bunkers. I have eaten copious amounts of pizza, pasta, pastries and gelato, played with the high rollers at Monte Carlo Cassino, saw Tom Cruise repelling from a rooftop in Vienna filming a movie, and so much more!

It has been an incredible and life changing experience that challenged me every step of the way. I have battled freezing cold nights and scorching hot days, not to mention the wind and rain while trying to set my tent up, sometimes in the pitch dark. I have dealt with ice cold showers at 5am and many a sleepless night in hostels. Travelling alone in foreign places where no one speaks English can be daunting but I am proud to say I did it and I survived.

After 32 days spent sleeping in a tent and countless more on uncomfortable couches or questionable hostel beds I am finally home. Sick and tired at first (anyone who has ever been on a Contiki will know about the dreaded Contiki cough) and very broke, but also with a strong case of the travel bug. Now to plan my next adventure…

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About Alita

Hi, my name is Alita, but you may know me as half-a-litre, 1000 millilitres or most recently pint. Basically any sort of measurement you can think of I have probably heard before. I am now nearing the end of my degree with just one more course to go after this semester. I am a full-time on campus student studying a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in journalism and public relations. For nearly the past three years I have lived on McGregor College, land of the devils and my home away from home. Having moved here from warm and sunny Bundaberg, it was a bit of a shock when I first arrived in Toowoomba, known for its rather chilly and temperamental weather. I had never really been away from home before so I was really worried about leaving behind the comfort of mum’s care (and cooking!) and moving into a residential college, but I can safely say it was the best decision I have ever made. McGregor has become my home and my family and I am proud to call myself a McGregor devil. There are always friends close by to lend an ear to listen, share a laugh with or to provide you with words of wisdom. On any given night you can also be sure to find a group of people studying hard and helping each other out with assignments in the dinning hall. The other great thing about living on college is that there is always some sort of exciting event going on, like our inter-college Residential Shield competition or Funday Sunday, where we break out the pools and water slide and just relax. This year, I am a Resident Advisor at McGregor. That basically means I help look out for all residents and if you are blasting your music loudly at 3am, you can probably expect a visit from me…. When I’m not hidden away in my room studying, you can find my down at Grand Central shopping up a storm, getting my slurpee fix from 7/11, chilling in the Japanese Gardens reading a book or daydreaming about my next holiday destination. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and learning a little bit more about what life on college has to offer. Alita

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