I ain’t sayin she’s a gold digger…

That’s right, I enjoyed my holidays to the fullest by going metal detecting.


Despite looking like I was holding a large selfie stick, I braved a few hours of detecting at the beach in Hervey Bay.  I had unrealistically high hopes of finding a piece of the international space station.  Despite my cheer, my dreams were soon crushed when I realised every child with two arms and two legs also had  Christmas metal detectors.  I left the beach with a meagre 3 bottle caps and a pipe which was probably long enough to make a real, hipster selfie stick.

My metal detecting journey of self discovery took a turn for the better when I began to detect around the backyard.  As the house was built in 1870, the land had some farming and settler heritage.  Here’s some of the cool stuff I managed to find amoungst the 83 nails that I also dug up.

2015-01-05 17.22.25

The metal detecting team.  The Red Heeler also digs it.

2015-01-05 17.27.052015-01-05 17.35.27

As we live right across from the railway line we found many rail line pegs and a large metal plate used for keeping the tracks in place from when the original line was built.

2015-01-05 17.27.15

An old sign for ‘Hosburghs’ a popular Maryborough hardware/general store which was open from 1863-1983, in operation for 120 years.  The original shop is pictured below:

2015-01-05 17.34.47

Some bulky equipment buried deep:  From left to right, I found a Cobbler’s Last used for shoe making, various woodworking equipment in the middle for shaping and wedging/splitting, and on the far right a broken axle from a horse drawn cart.

2015-01-07 09.13.01

West Riding Regiment Button:  Likely from a WW1 Army uniform from the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment.


Studebaker Car Sign:  Reads “Notice: Persons riding in this car do so at their own risk”.  Likely from a Studebaker President Eight  or Erskine model manufactured in the 1920’s-1930’s.

2015-01-07 09.13.26 2015-01-07 09.14.562015-01-05 17.29.06

Old Coins:  Found 3 pennies (1960’s era), three pence (1942) and a shilling (1952).  Also found quite a few one and two cent coins.

All this and I’ve only been through about half the back yard.  Really makes me wish I had a chance to do some history electives!  Hope you all had awesome holidays too, and have a great 2015!

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