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September: the air is cold with that recognizable Toowoomba wind is rolling in over the hills, many students are taking their mid-semester breaks, but one group of students can be seen. These students trudge into the dining hall at 7:14, eat their late meals wearing their uniform of all black, and bemoan the day’s torments amongst cold meals and instant coffees. You may know who these students are based on these simple descriptors. USQ’s Third Year Actors. The reason for their struggle? USQ Artsworx Shakespeare in the Park Festival. For us, yes, I too am a member of this ancient family, the entirety of our three years of training comes to fruition in this single week of production. For Toowoomba, the event is an opportunity to experience culture on a scale not otherwise accessible. The opportunity to sit in a park, with a dinner and some drinks, enjoying some quality performance by trained actors, with beautiful set, costume, props and lighting, is something that the public of Toowoomba repeatedly show up to support and enjoy. Having defined the cultural landscape of Toowoomba for many years, the festival is also a unique opportunity of learning for the Actors, which, for us, is pretty dang swell. We battle against the elements to bring a quality piece of theatre using some of the most difficult theatrical texts in the English Language, again, awesome opportunity.

Shakespeare in the Park Article Image- Students

This year, we were lucky enough to perform Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing, A play that basically spends 5 acts partying. The show was massively energetic, with bright colours and badass characters, acting like fools as much as possible. In this regard, for an ensemble of young people, and an audience of college residents, it was the perfect choice. We had all kinds of fun with this show, and the audience enjoyed it immensely too. It was an energetic, crazy, action-packed and hilarious project to be a part of, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. The end result was strange, zany, sexy, awesome, hilarious and colourful. Truly an awesome experience for us, and the audiences.

Shakespeare in the Park Article Image

Now to move from making you feel bad about the experience that you might not have gotten to be a part of this year, Shakespeare in the Park will be on AGAIN next year!




2015 3rd Years will be performing King Lear a fascinating and beautiful tragedy, with an awesome darkly comic undertone. The show’s on in March, from the 19th to the 23rd. You can already buy tickets, at the following link for what is sure to be a freaking awesome show.

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About Josh

Hi, I’m Josh Lyons, 3rd year Creative Arts (Acting) Student, 3rd year College Resident, and First Year McGregor College President. In my spare time I enjoy playing music, riding my unicycle, boogying down, and long walks on the beach (that’s actually not true, I’m not a fan of the beach… No hate please). As my final year on college, and my final year of on-campus study, this has been an absolutely monumental year for me. As anyone who’s ever spent any amount of time with the Third Year Acting students would know, we’re very, very busy people, we do loads of shows, rehearsals, small projects, big projects, and our class-time rivals that of the most full-on degrees. Even so, I’ve dedicated quite some time to the other areas of my life. Organising events for McGregor college has been a key aspect of my commitment to giving back this year, and as the gigantic beast of the real world looms over my final time at college and in Toowoomba, I feel that there’s no better time to start sharing my experiences and thoughts with you all. Enjoy!

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