5 More Cool Places around USQ You Might Not Know Exist

Here’s 5 more cool places you can check out without leaving your desk.

1.  O1:  Renovated from an indoor basketball court, O1 is the home of the USQ Social Media team.  This office is a hub of alternative interior design, home of the infamous gorilla statue and complete with the original basketball score LED display.


2.  Y Block TV Studio Editing Room:  Where all the TV magic happens.  Did you know there is a full TV studio at USQ?


3.  C Block Tunnel:  A storage area for the science department.  It runs all the way underneath the full length of C Block.

.  tunn

4.  Japanese Garden Gym Exercise Equipment:  The amazing view in fast forward when hanging on to the spin apparatus.  Let’s be honest, you probably already knew about this one.


5.  Z Block Roof:  A beautiful view and the spot for surveying students to learn about geodetic measurement methods, or measuring long distances and correcting for the curvature of the earth.  Thanks again to Simon Merange for coming along to take some photos.

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