‘Living on College is a bit like going on School Camp’


Hi, I’m Kara, and I am an optimist…okay I’m an optimist when it is convenient, and when it comes to College living I will always be an optimist. Now I’ll be honest with you, college living won’t always be the, binge eating, 11AM till 5PM naps and the occasional classes…oh wait, it might be. Well they say everything in moderation, so I guess those things are all okay. But college life is about so much more, it starts off feeling like you are on school camp. You know, you’re away from family, from your house, you are staying in this new place and it doesn’t really feel like it’s your own, and to be perfectly honest you haven’t got a clue what is going on. But you smile and nod hoping to avoid any direct questions, or at least that’s what I did. College in the beginning is bizarre, here are all these new people, places and activities, and you finally realise after 12 years of school, years of working, sarcastically correcting your friends in order to feel smarted, that really you still just want your mum there asking the hard questions, mostly cause you aren’t yet smart enough to think of what the hard questions even are. Jokes on you, I did bring my mum…and thank god, cause then I knew how to navigate the washing machines.

2Haven’t I made it sound great? No? Oh well perhaps I should mention the fact that living on college has given me some of the greatest experiences of my life. Oh, you don’t believe me? An example than; evenings spent watching the block with my block and disagreeing with everything the judges say, because showers need screens damn it, otherwise there is just water everywhere, that isn’t innovative it is hazardous, and the judges should know better.  Oh you want a better example? Fine, I can give you a fun, hip example, I’m cool…ish… okay fine, I’m friends with cool people, okay friends with people, fine friends with my mum, you happy now? Fine my favourite memories of living on college, the little things, play netball together, sitting around after dinner talking for hours, knowing that there will always be someone to go with you to get ice-cream at 2AM. College living is realising you have all this family you 3never knew about, and that you sometimes wish you still didn’t know about. When it comes to the challenges of life and uni and whether or not taking semester three is worth it, just turn to your fellow residents, they were always there, and they can’t leave.


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