McGregor and more . . .

Prior to moving to Toowoomba, it always seemed to be the place I travelled to go shopping or to eat out. Since moving here at the start of last year, I have become a regular at the USQ Residential College, McGregor. My home away from home. Unlike many other Year 12’s who find themselves lost and indecisive when wondering where to go in the future I made my choice at the end of Year 11. I decided that I was going to complete the Head Start program, which would grant me access to USQ and thought that on-campus living would be the best place for me.

If you struggle to get out of your comfort zone, suffer from severe homesickness or find it difficult to meet new people – USQ Residential Colleges maybe the place for you. When I first moved to McGregor I was in a totally different environment than I was used too – it was like not knowing which exit to take on the motorway. I was nervous and quiet, which was the polar opposite from my usual. It wasn’t until I started participating in College events that I actually started to resemble my old self. O’Week was definitely one of the best weeks of my life. We had Rudd’s Rodeo (with legit a bucking bull), Amazing Race, Market Day (where we stocked up on as many freebies as we could) and Sunday Funday (full of waterslides and Red Frogs giving out ice blocks). It was definitely a week I will never fImage 2orget. With the Semi-Formal of a Wild West theme, there were cowboys in chaps, cowgirls with whips and Indians and Cacti – it was quite the sight to see. The formal theme was Vintage and was chic and elegant for everyone. We had thImage 3e best of times dancing and the best meals you get the whole time at College.



Throughout the year, not only did I go to heaps of RSC events but we played sports all the time (ones I had never even heard of or played before). The day after the McGregor Formal was the Intercollege Touch game. I was so nervous because I had never played before and didn’t want to embarrass myself but they were desperate for players. I ended up having the best time and scored a full field try. From that moment on I wanted to participate in everything ranging from Indoor and Outdoor Cricket to Softball and AFL. I have some of the best memories from these days and truly felt as though I was a part of the College community. College Life is definitely something you want to be a part of. There are numerous hurdles that I have faced since moving to McGregor and I have no doubt there will be many more. Stay tuned!

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About Ashley

Hi there! My name is Ashley and I am your curly-haired, loud-talking, loves to try new things and participate in everything kind of girl. I am currently studying my second year of a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting, Finance and Human Resource Management (bring on the halfway mark!). I currently reside at the USQ Residential College, McGregor, and did previously last year also. Being a country girl who wanted to study at university caused me to relocate from my home, a rural south-west town, Roma – home of the largest bottle tree and rugby league greats Artie Beetson and Darren Lockyer, to what I consider a big enough smoke, Toowoomba. When I am not studying you can often find me listening to music, talking to whoever I see, having wine and cheese nights (Brie and Camembert and cheap wine only), participating in Residential Shield and other college events or catching up on sleep from late nights of studying. I started studying at USQ during Year 12 by completing the Head Start program which granted me automatic entry and credit points towards my degree, relieving the stress of QCS and assessment of that year. Having been studying externally for my Head Start program, moving to Toowoomba to study on-campus was a big change for me. Not only did I have classes, tutorials and I was able to have the full university experience – joining clubs, participating in USQ events and now working for USQ. Having moved away from home, underage still, to a town that I barely visited was an adjustment that I slowly, and still am, getting used to. I have commenced a whole new chapter of my life, which has thus far, been a great experience and I am honoured to be able to share it with you all!

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