Ahead of the pack

High school – the place where all the decisions that need to be made regarding your future are supposed to be made and an action plan to follow through on them is created. Everyone’s path to university is different. Mine started when I was in Year 12 of high school and undertook the Head Start program.

Process from school to uni to career

I completed the Head Start Program offered by USQ to high achieving high school students who are motivated to commence their university studies. The program provides guaranteed entry into your USQ program upon completion of a course successfully, credit points towards your degree, points towards your QCE and the first course is free!

Some USQ Student Ambassadors visited my school and shared their experiences on how they came to study at USQ. I liked USQ because it was close to home (four hours), small classes, I was able to study my degree of choicQuotee full-time and on-campus, and USQ is the number one university in Queensland for graduates entering full-time work. I decided that I wanted to attend USQ. One Student Ambassador spoke about her experience with the Head Start program and I realised that it would give me the ultimate advantage. It gave me a glimpse into what the university experience would be like and what would be expected when I would study full-time, minimising the scare-factor of university (a little). I studied a core business course, externally – Accounting for Decision Making. Going that extra mile, compared to fellow peers provided me with the certainty that I wanted to pursue Accounting as a career.

I would recommend to all high school students to look into undertaking the Head Start program. However, there are certain things to consider:

  • School – your school studies needs to come first. Remember, you are still a high-school student and that is your main priority (there will be plenty of time for uni later).
  • Your Life – you might have dancing, band, sports training that should play apart in your decision. Don’t sacrifice everything in the ‘now’ for the ‘future’ – you still need to enjoy your life to the fullest!
  • Ask your parents/guardians – they know you and their opinions do matter
  • Ask your school teachers/career counsellors – they can are able to help you organise your application
  • USQ – USQ is there to support you 100% throughout the course and are there to answer all your queries and provide information.

The Head Start program has been the best thing I have done for my future career and I would do it again, in a heartbeat! It was a wonderful experience, where you have a graduation evening!

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About Ashley

Hi there! My name is Ashley and I am your curly-haired, loud-talking, loves to try new things and participate in everything kind of girl. I am currently studying my second year of a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting, Finance and Human Resource Management (bring on the halfway mark!). I currently reside at the USQ Residential College, McGregor, and did previously last year also. Being a country girl who wanted to study at university caused me to relocate from my home, a rural south-west town, Roma – home of the largest bottle tree and rugby league greats Artie Beetson and Darren Lockyer, to what I consider a big enough smoke, Toowoomba. When I am not studying you can often find me listening to music, talking to whoever I see, having wine and cheese nights (Brie and Camembert and cheap wine only), participating in Residential Shield and other college events or catching up on sleep from late nights of studying. I started studying at USQ during Year 12 by completing the Head Start program which granted me automatic entry and credit points towards my degree, relieving the stress of QCS and assessment of that year. Having been studying externally for my Head Start program, moving to Toowoomba to study on-campus was a big change for me. Not only did I have classes, tutorials and I was able to have the full university experience – joining clubs, participating in USQ events and now working for USQ. Having moved away from home, underage still, to a town that I barely visited was an adjustment that I slowly, and still am, getting used to. I have commenced a whole new chapter of my life, which has thus far, been a great experience and I am honoured to be able to share it with you all!

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