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Welcome to the official University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Residential Colleges Blog. This blog has been developed to allow you to interact with current USQ Residential College students and the University.  We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share your experiences.

By adhering to the Blog Comment Guidelines below, you can help us continue to offer a place where all users feel welcome and can feel free to comment on posts, along with being able to share experiences and suggestions.

Be Respectful: It is very important to us that you treat everyone on this page with dignity and respect.  We will not tolerate obscene or hostile language.  We also ask that you refrain from posting negative comments in regards to, and naming, University staff and students. It is not designed to be a forum for discussing political views, controversial issues or personal matters relating to your study.

No Solicitation: Please limit link posts to USQ pages and non-commercial, topic-related content. All other links will be removed.

Moderation/Deleting Comments: Please feel free to express yourself. However, any posts that violate these guidelines will be deleted by our moderators

Blocking: Violation of these Community Guidelines will result in your being blocked from commenting on the University of Southern Queensland Student Blog.

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