the perfect college room-mate

To anyone who is reading this,  ALOHA!

However your eyes may have got to be feasting upon this blog is irrelevant, lets all just be happy that they have!

My favourite time of the whole year has already passed again..when the shops reach full capacity, houses light up, carols play wherever you go, and people are more generous then they have been all year.

Christmas has come and gone, with it, another College year has come to a close, and whilst I do miss the socialism, meals being cooked for me, and seeing my friends everyday, I am enjoying some peace and quiet during this holiday period. College is very much a come and go sort of place. Some people stay for 6 months, some even 6 years. Residents graduate, or move off for any other reason, and its always sad to see someone go.  My roommate for 2012 graduated and has now moved off to live in Perth for her employment. Her name was Courtney, and I already miss her.

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Me & Courtney @ Concannon Formal

Living next to someone, and seeing them everyday, you start to know them inside out. We have shared many memories in B11/B12, and I wouldn’t give any of them up for the world. Where it be late night trips to McDonalds, or watching Disney movies together, we always managed to entertain ourselves. Whilst I resent her slightly for leaving me without a room-mate for next year, I am very proud, and excited for what lays ahead of her.

Keeping with this thought, what should be considered the Perfect’ college roommate?

Firstly, lets define perfect as an adjective:

“Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be”

For myself personally, this is what I look for in an excellent roommate





 Not too noisy




 Talkative (because I like chatting)

 Good listener (for when I am rambling)

For someone to be classified as the ideal roommate, they would most definitely need to fulfil the above criteria.  With a balance between socialism and study sometimes being a challenge to find at college, with the help of a good room-mate, it can be easily attainable.

As a first year in 2011, I had a returnee room-mate, and it really helped me adapt to Concannon College life.  So I sort of hope I have a fresher (first year) this year, so that I can teach them everything I know to make the best of the College experience.  As 2013 is my final year, I also need someone to carry on my legacy. Concannon College is very tradition based, and previous residents who had a big influence on College are never forgotten.  Its all about acquired knowledge,

‘The freshers bring it, the returnees leave it here’.

Who knows, maybe one day years from now people will talk about me at College over dinner, just like I talk with my friends about past residents who’ve left a legacy. I wonder what they would say…..

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Until next time,


Concannon College and the Chamber of Studies

I think Professor Dumbledore said it best, “I will only truly have left this place when none here are loyal to me… Help will always be given at college to those who ask for it.” Or something to that effect.

Like many students who attended Hogwarts, I moved far away from home not knowing a single thing about my awaiting destination or the people there. I received a letter in the mail saying I had been accepted into the USQ family at Toowoomba. At just 17 years of age, I packed my 3 suitcases (which did not impress my dad or my two brothers who had to help carry them) and set out on a nerve-racking voyage from Townsville. I have since learnt that packing my snow jacket was definitely a good idea this winter!

Before moving to Toowoomba, I had to decide between 3 Colleges – Concannon (the fearless crocodiles), McGregor (the fiery devils) and Steel Rudd (the soaring seagulls). My decision was made and I just needed to wait for the ‘Sorting Hat’ to have the final say. Lucky for me, I got my preference and Concannon was, and still is, my home. With countless college activities, uni club dress-up parties and intercollege events (10 points for Concannon!) it didn’t take long to settle in. While I sometimes struggle out of bed a few minutes before class begins the 2 minute walk to uni assures me I’ll make it in time. And after a long, hard day of studying I know there will always be someone waiting at college when the day is over. Even though I moved so far away from my family, Concannon has become a home away from home.

Living on college gives me the opportunity to meet people studying a range of different degrees from (defence against the dark) arts degrees such as theatre to science degrees like chemistry (potions classes).  If I need a distraction or help I can just open my door or window and I’m sure to see a familiar face. Or sometimes I just bang on the wall to get Hermione’s attention next door. She loves it when I do that.

Residential Shield competitions between the three colleges are obviously a highlight for most. With an event roughly once a week, members from all colleges come out in college colours like a pack of wizards gathering for a quidditch game. With events ranging from soccer and afl to trivia and idol there is something to cater for all (10 more points to Concannon!). The points are then tallied after each event and totalled at the end of the year where the overall winner is announced over a delicious feast. While these events often end in a group celebration or a group commiseration, it is always a group effort.

Even as Harry Potter fought against the difficulties thrust upon him throughout life, he knew he could rely on his family at Hogwarts to battle with him. I know if I ever come across He Who Must Not Be Named that my fellow Concannonites would join forces with the other colleges and stand behind me, Mrs Weasley style.

I think the message to take from Harry Potter is no matter where you are and the troubles you face, you will never be alone. Whether you’re struggling with study or an outfit choice, college life provides more than a place to sleep. Just like Harry Potter and those who attended Hogwarts, I have found a home away from home. So if you’re unsure about studying and living on college consider these words from some wise old man: “it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that.”