Music Parodies, Friends and Fun- Just some of the perks of living on College

Living on College really is a lot of fun. Whether it’s playing a game of pool in the Rec Hall, participating in Res Shield events, chilling out with your friends or watching a movie in the Common Room, there is plenty of fun to be had.

Sometimes we forget how easy things are when we live on College. Internet and utilities are provided as part of our rent, we get lots of support and help with our study, our friends live right next door and unless we live in self-catered, we don’t have to cook.

Some of our residents recently put together a parody of A1’s Caught in the Middle and called it I Wanna Go Back Now to highlight how great College really is.

Whether you are currently living on College, or thinking about joining us next year, we can’t wait to see you!

Will we be seeing you in 2015?

Batman and the Bin Bandits

Every Year, as part of the Residential Shield competition, each college is required to submit a short film for judging and comparison between the three colleges. We are supplied with a set of unusual criteria, and asked to devise, write and film an 8-10 minute film based on these. As an Acting student, and someone with relatively few otherwise useful talents, this is one of the only competitive cross-college events that I’m any use in. That said, it’s also quite possibly the most fun of the lot. I’ve attached McGregor’s 2013 video, which consists of all things unusual from Batman to Bart Simpson, to Bandits riding in bins. The criteria for this video dictated that they each video must include:

A Glee Style Music Number

  • The Song Footloose
  • Bart Simpson
  • Brad Pitt
  • The 1950’s Batman theme
  • A dustpan and brush
  • A Cheerleader
  • A scene shot in the new Refectory

Naturally this peculiar mix makes for quite a unique artistic predicament among the creative team for the video, and poses a special set of challenges for us as a unit. We are, however, extremely confident that we effectively met almost all of these terms with our film, and, let’s face it, produced an award-worthy piece of art. We didn’t take home any Oscars, but boy were we worthy.
This masterpiece stars yours truly as Officer Niel Raymonds, and Emily Martin as his partner ‘Happy’. Filmed and Edited by Simon Merange and featuring the supporting Talents of Brendan O’Leary, Jennifer Laycock, Steph ‘Batman’ Piper and Thomas Pitt Hooley. Special Thanks to Steph for the Link.

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Residential Shield Short film

Hello again

What has everyone been up to? Unless you have been saving the world, flying to the moon or found a way to make money grow on trees and have been travelling the corners of the world, then I think the past few weeks for me have been just as, if not, more exciting than yours!

I have finished yet another year on residential colleges, that makes 3 for me. It is so crazy to think it has been that long, and I can still remember my first day at Concannon as a 17 year old. Now I am 20 (Yuck!), was a Residential Advisor, and now next year I will be taking on the role as Social Co-ordinator of the Concannon College Resident Student Club. Pretty much, I, along with four others on the RSC,  get to organize all the cool, fun stuff on college for the residents. The main being O-Week, Semi Formal, and Formal, as well as many others in between.

I thought this blog would be a good opportunity to show whoever is reading this the Concanon Short Film for 2013. If you have read previous blogs from other residents they mention this, and I am here to tell you it is one of the best things about college. Look out Morgan Freeman and every other award winning actor, some of the Concannon Residents have found a new calling. Despite the acting skills being described by critics as “breathtaking” and “the best acting since Titanic”, it was it was advised they don’t quit their degree to pursue this as new career.

Short film is always stressful to film and time consuming to edit, however it also a lot of fun. For your own viewing pleasure, it is below…



Thanks for reading/watching.

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Behind the scenes of college life

Being this year’s Residential College’s Digital Intern has definately had its perks. I’ve been priviledged enough to be part of some of the awesome behind the scenes projects aimed at showing you what living on college is really like. Check out the video below which was put together by some of the residents which lets you take a peek around our three colleges and meet some of the people living on campus.

College Survival Tips

So, today I spent a few hours thinking of things I thought people would find interesting, while keeping it related to University and College (Steele Rudd college). Because this is my last year, I’ll try to pass on some guide-lines or “survival tips” that I’ve learnt from both college and university life. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be the usual ‘make sure you submit your assignments on time’ lecture, but rather things that I have learned in the early stages of Uni and things I wish I learned sooner than I actually did.

Firstly, invest time in yourself. I see it all too often on college, people needing approval and be liked by other people. While this alone is not a bad thing, those who try too hard for approval often get distracted from their important goal, which for most of us is to achieve a university degree. While wanting to constantly be in the social loop is not terrible, you will either: a) achieve your goal but not to your full potential, or b) become a copycat that everyone loves rather than drawing people who are interested in you.

Secondly, don’t be that guy who has these amazing ideas with no action to follow. The world is full of people like that and I believe it says so much about your character if you say and do. This will make you one in eight people that can be held accountable. Now, this doesn’t always have to be big, like save the world and devote your life, it can be as simple as returning that video to your friend when you said you would.

Thirdly, when you have free time talk to the people you may not necessary talk to, this goes double for those you may classify as “uncool” or not outgoing. I guarantee there’s a lot more to that person than you may expect. For the most part there’s a really good reason why that person is who they are, and spending those extra few minutes talking to that person will really help you to see them in a new perspective. It may help you relate to them better and more importantly, stop you from being an ignorant sheep and judging without proper reason.

Lastly, this may come across as being bad, particularly coming from a college student, but saying ‘yes’ to spontaneous things that occur can sometimes be a good thing. Now, I don’t mean going out partying when you said you were going to study. This means those few times in a year when someone might propose something that’s a little out of your comfort zone or even different again, not just drinking or the opposite sex. In these situations you’ll learn something cool or experience something different. My example would be last year when I choose to participate in a poorly organized but fun road trip with an American exchange student called Christiano. We went to places like the Great Southern Road and Melbourne. The fact that most of it was last minute was kind of what made it exciting and yes a lot of things went wrong but that also added to the fun.

Anyway, I hope my guide-lines for university and college have some meaning to you. Obviously you can and should mold it to properly fit your beliefs or lifestyle. I’d like to finish by leaving you with a few tips myself and the other Rudd RSC (Residential Student Committee) members gave to Steele Rudd about becoming an RSC member.